The City Council is made up of five members elected by districts by the citizens to serve as the law-making and policy-setting body of the municipality. The Council appoints a City Manager to direct administrative affairs and a City Attorney to be the legal advisor for the City.

The City Council appoints a Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem each December, with the effective date of appointment being January 1 of the following year. They will serve as Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem for the entire calendar year, from January 1 through December 31.

Council Members are elected by District to a four-year term of office with staggered terms. This means at one election there will be three Council Members elected, and the next election there will be two Council Members elected. Elections are held in November of even-numbered years.

City Council Meetings

Meeting Schedule:

Second Wednesday of the Month


Regular Meetings are held at 6:00 p.m. for Open Session and 5:00 p.m. for Closed Session (if Closed Session is needed)


Wildomar City Hall Council Chambers
23873 Clinton Keith Rd. Suite 106
Wildomar, CA 92595


Viewing Options:

  • Live Stream on the City’s  website at (link to the live stream).
  • Cable TV: Frontier Channel 36 or AT&T channel 99.
  • Attend in person.

Agendas & Action Minutes:

To View the Agendas and Minutes or for instructions on how to participate electronically and in-person, please visit the current agenda at the following link:

Council Minutes and Agendas

City Council Committees, Commissions and Boards:
City Council Committees, Commissions and Boards as of 12/14/22

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City Council District Information:
Interactive District Map

District 1 – Carlos Marquez

[email protected]

951-677-7751 x 228

District 2 – Dustin Nigg

[email protected]

951-677-7751 x229

District 3 – Joseph Morabito

[email protected]

951-677-7751 x226

District 4 – Bridgette Moore

[email protected]

951-677-7751 x230

District 5 – Ashlee DePhillippo

[email protected]

951-677-7751 x227