The Public Works Department operates and maintains the City's infrastructure. This includes maintenance of City streets, underground storm drains, streetlights, traffic signals, traffic signs and striping, landscaping, etc... Maintenance activities are typically scheduled and routine. Requests for maintenance received from the public are also evaluated, prioritized, and added to the City's maintenance schedule. Below is a list of some of the typical items that are included in Public Works Maintenance Services:
  • Pothole Repair, Asphalt Repaving
  • Curb and Gutter Painting, Sidewalk Repair
  • Illegal Dumping Clean-Up, Graffiti Removal
  • Trail Maintenance, Weed Abatement/Weed Spraying, Tree Trimming
  • Storm Drain Clean-Out
  • Street Sign Replacement, Traffic Striping, Traffic Signal Maintenance
Some infrastructure in the City is maintained by other agencies. This includes larger storm drains and drainage channels, which are maintained by the Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District. Water and sewer facilities are maintained by separate water and sewer districts, depending on their location in the City (Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District or The Farm Mutual Water Company).

Request Maintenance or Report an Issue

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Roadway Maintenance

Maintenance of items within the public right-of-way (City streets, sidewalks and curbs, storm drains, trees, landscaping, etc...) is managed by Public Works. Report concerns or request services regarding any of these activities using the link below.

Dirt Roads
In most cases, the City does not maintain dirt roads. Dirt roads are often private roads, or are roads that provide for public access but which are not owned or operated by the City. If you are interested in having the City maintain your dirt road, please see the City's Unpaved Roadway Enhancement Program. If you are interested in participating in this program, please complete the required forms and submit an application to the City by email at [email protected].

Streetlight Outages/Issues

Most streetlights in the City are owned and operated/maintained by the City of Wildomar. The City contracts with Yunex Traffic, LLC, for maintenance of streetlights. However, some streetlights in the City are still owned and operated/maintained by Southern California Edison (SCE).

If you have a streetlight issue and you are unsure whether the streetlight belongs to the City or to SCE, report the streetlight issue to the City using the phone number below.

City Streetlights
City of Wildomar streetlights will have a black tag on the pole with a cursive 'W', followed by letters and numbers. To report a City streetlight outage, or other City streetlight issue, please call the phone number below and provide the following information:
  • Report a City Streetlight Issue
    • Call: 951-784-6600
    • Provide as much of the following information as possible:
      • Pole Number
      • Pole Location (if pole number is not known)
      • Nearest Street Address 
      • Issue (light is flickering, light is off, pole is damaged, etc..)
SCE Streetlights
If you do not see a black tag with a cursive 'W' on the pole, then the streetlight is most likely an SCE streetlight. To report an SCE streetlight outage, or other SCE streetlight issue, please submit a request online using the link below.

Street Sweeping Services

The City contracts with SCA of CA, LLC to provide street sweeping services in the City. Not all City streets receive street sweeping. Large arterial roads receive regular street sweeping. Other streets that are part of an existing maintenance district such as County Service Area (CSA) 152 or part of a Community Services District (CFD) also receive regular street sweeping.

Street Sweeping Schedule
2nd and 4th Friday of the Month

Interactive Street Sweeping Map

Arterial Road Street Sweeping

  • Arterial Street Sweeping Map
  • Streets Swept:
    • Bundy Canyon Rd.
    • Wildomar Trail (Grand Ave. to Clinton Keith Rd.)
    • Clinton Keith Rd.
    • Mission Trail
    • Corydon Rd.
    • Grand Ave.
    • Palomar St.
    • Malaga Rd.

Residential Street Sweeping