About the Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

The City of Wildomar Capital Improvement Program (CIP) manages the development, design, and construction of City infrastructure projects. The CIP also manages planning projects that are related to future infrastructure such as Master Drainage Plans and Active Transportation Plans.

The CIP is presented as a five year program (5-Year CIP) and each year, the CIP is updated and presented to City Council for consideration. The capital improvements listed in the CIP are the expenditures of public funds over and above the City’s annual operating expenditures. Funding for the CIP is provided by a variety of funding sources including local, State, and Federal funds.

A list of the funding sources for the current 5-Year CIP is included in the latest program report, available below. The 5-Year CIP includes forecasts of anticipated capital improvement expenditures. The expenditures shown for the first two fiscal years comprise the adopted Capital Budget for the current budget cycle. Subsequent years are included but are subject to change due to additional analysis, changes in priorities, updates to available revenue, or changes in costs.

Active Construction Projects

Bundy Canyon Rd.

Palomar St. & Clinton Keith Rd.

  • Project: Palomar St./Clinton Keith Rd. Sidewalk, Trail, and Bike Lane Connectivity Project
  • Project No.: CIP 059
  • Project Type: City Capital Improvement Project
  • Project Description:
    • Construction of new sidewalks, trails, bike lanes, and roadway widening.
    • Note: Full road closures are not anticipated, but various temporary lane closures may occur. Drivers should anticipate delays during working hours (7:00 am - 3:30 pm).
  • Roadway Segments:
    • Palomar St. from Meadowridge Ln. to Clinton Keith Rd.
    • Clinton Keith Rd. (south side) adjacent to Stable Lanes Rd.
  • Project Schedule:
    • Expected Start: July 2022
    • Expected End: September 2022
    • Note: Construction schedules are subject to change for various reasons including but not limited to weather conditions, unforeseen emergencies, other acts of nature, and other unforeseen conditions.
  • Project Map:

Project Map

5-Year Capital Improvement Program

Pavement Management Program

The purpose of a Pavement Management Program (PMP) is to establish and maintain a uniform definition and procedure for the application of various maintenance strategies to extend the overall expected life cycle of the City’s transportation system in the most economical and efficient manner. In addition, it provides a multi-year work plan that can be implemented based on expected and/or desired needs and funding. Links to the City's latest PMP Reports are available below.

The City uses the PMP as a guide to help determine which roadways should be considered for repair in each year's Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation and Slurry Seal Projects. However, the City also uses public input from residents regarding roads that should be evaluated and considered for maintenance.

Pavement Management Program (PMP) Reports