Palomar St. & Clinton Keith Rd.
Sidewalk, Trail, and Bike Lane Connectivity Project
CIP 059

Updated: 2/14/2023

The City is constructing new improvements on Palomar St. and Clinton Keith Rd. The improvements include new sidewalks, a multi-purpose trail, bike lanes, and roadway widening.

Roadway Segments
- Palomar St. from Meadowridge Ln. to Clinton Keith Rd.
- Clinton Keith Rd. (south side) adjacent to Stable Lanes Rd.

On-going activities on Palomar St. include final paving on Palomar St. north and south of Windsong Ln., intersection improvements at Windsong Ln., and final sidewalk/concrete improvements on Palomar St. On-going activities on Clinton Keith Rd. include roadway widening east of Stable Lanes Rd., paving the newly widened areas, and completion of drainage improvements.

Up-coming activities will include trail improvements on Palomar St., crosswalk improvements at Renaissance Plaza, sidewalk on Clinton Keith Rd. adjacent to Stable Lanes Rd., and final traffic signing and striping.

Photo of Project Construction

Photo of Project ConstructionFeel free to contact the City if you have any questions or concerns.

Please use caution when driving through the construction area, and please follow all traffic control signs and direction from project traffic control personnel.

Please expect delays when driving through the construction area.

Questions or Concerns
Please contact the Public Works Department regarding any questions or concerns related to this project.
• Email: [email protected]
• Phone: 951-677-7751x5

Project Schedule & Contractor Info
• Construction began in July 2022 and is expected to be complete in March 2023.
• Contractor for the project is LC Paving and Sealing.

Project Funding
The total estimated construction cost is approximately $1,500,000.

Project Funding Sources include:
• Measure AA
• Measure A
• TUMF (Transportation Uniform Mitigation Fee)
• Local Grants (RCTC SB 821 funds)
• EVMWD Cooperative Agreement (Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District)

Project Exhibit
Project Map